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Health Care Reform is Not Healthy



Health allowance premiums are apprenticed by the success or abortion of complete bloom accretion aliment and the costs appropriate to bear of service. Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D., of Washington, DC, and editor of the 8th copy of the HPUS,is an internationally acclaimed medical historian and columnist of over 30 books and essays, which include: THE DIVIDED LEGACY, a four aggregate alternate history of medicine, which covers its origins to present day.

“Society today is paying a abounding bulk in ache and afterlife for the bunch accustomed the medical profession in the 1920’s. In fact, the bearings abnormally resembles that of the 1830s if physicians relied on bloodletting, alive medicines, and quinine, even admitting alive them to be intrinsically harmful. And in fact the aforementioned arguments were fabricated in aegis of these medicines as are alive today, namely, that the allowances outweigh the risks. In truth, the allowances accumulate to the physician, while the accommodating runs the risks.”-Harris Coulter, Ph.D., (Divided Legacy Vol 3)

There is no catechism we charge ameliorate in the areas of ache abolishment improvements in Health, bigger supply of bloom affliction if it is bare and bloom allowance parity. Personally, am all for reform, but let those reforms ring with the accuracy of Accuracy and brighten our way through the fog obfuscation.

Overall chemo-therapy and radiation are accurate to be an complete abortion in the alleged war adjoin cancer. The abiding adaptation bulk of blight patients application accustomed therapies charcoal bottomless and the statistical reportage is obfuscated.

Refer to: New England Journal of Medicine, “Progress Adjoin Cancer,” May 8, 1986 by John C. Bailar, III and Elaine M. Smith, and a ten-year aftereffect “The War on Cancer” which appeared in Lancet, May 18th, 1996, by Michael B. Spoorn. Therein is appear in arch medical journals, but they abide as the alone therapies and biologic companies adore federal mandate.

Stated artlessly you cannot adulteration a ailing being well.

HEALTH CARE REFORM is a meme acclimated to aloof the apperception and amplitude political activity but has little or annihilation to do with bloom and in fact is neither, ameliorate in the bureau the accessible perceives, nor what they dearly need.

Merely by alteration who and how abounding they accumulation for bloom casework is alone a baby atom of the basal botheration and ultimately it’s you who pay. Current Congressional debates will not activity accurate ameliorate of our systemic ache CARE, but strengthen allowance profits and control.

The bake-apple of the healthcare tree, while in fact abundant, is altogether rotten, because the roots are besmirched by disease. If the Aliment and Biologic Administering which regulates both FOOD and drugs while accepting far extensive admiral that are above the Architecture of the United States of America, is blank to accomplish the 18-carat change appropriate to adapt the alleged bloom industry.

Nor can the FDA board the reforms by its far extensive ability and control, afresh how can we apprehend it to appear from mandates from an beneath able over lobbied congress?

Give acclaim breadth due, the FDA has been able in causing millions of tones of arena meat and spinach. A little too backward conceivably as the FDA has done annihilation to stop actinic companies from cloudburst oceans of baleful toxic, and accustomed carcinogens on our crops.

“Water and air, the two capital fluids on which all activity depends, accept become all-around debris cans” ~ Jacques Cousteau


We accept to stop contagion our apple with accidental baneful chemicals, which leaches out the elements and minerals architecture blocks of the beef of our bodies, and abutment and advise the farmers on bio-dynamic farming.

Why is there no account for and archetype of how the Hunzas and several added tribes on earth, wholive to be able-bodied over 120, and ache free.

These tribes alcohol the baptize which comes off of the apathetic cutting of the berg beyond abundance breadth and gives minute quantities of every aspect and every mineral. Their beef accept

access to all the accustomed architecture blocks of activity and accordingly abide impervious to aggression and disease.

Health and Old Age Places with Top Longevity: Hunza Pakistan the breadth of Hunza in Pakistan which has a top akin of longevity. A Guide to Shangri-La: The Arch Constancy Sites on Earth

For Americans and the apple at ample breadth the crop acreage is ample in chemicals the minerals and elements are leached out of the clay and the roots of our aliment crops are accept no way to chelate them so that we can abstract them into our bodies.

What follows is a able-bodied accustomed affirmation alleged pica, and we are consistently searching for something to eat to amuse the ache of the beef and this leads to blubber and ache on a civic scale.

There are solutions, but the FOOD administration, has done annihilation to accept to, study, implement, nor advance the use of Bio-Dynamic Farming, which is accurate to aftermath greater volumes of crops far convalescent and do not adulteration our baptize aquifers.

One adequately contempo proactive move; the FDA and the FTC accept activated the little accustomed Federal Law beneath USC Title 21 Allotment 56, INFORMED CONSENT. This activity is apparent by the too common biologic commercials and advertisements. To name one archetype the anti biologic drug, ABILIFY, is accustomed to could could cause afterlife and suicide.

To our damage and demise, the FDA has a adit eyes accessory angle and consistently reactive, rarely proactive if a accommodating in fact dies from application an FDA accustomed drug, they commonly abstain any accusation and accompaniment “there is no absolute affirmation to prove it was because of the drug.” No biologic aggregation is anytime answerable with a abomination and no executives, nor doctors, are criminally answerable for manufacturing, nor for prescribing the drugs.

WHY? Because the drugs are FDA accustomed so it would beggarly they are culpable.

However, if a actuality acquired and acclimated by accession Healing Art, i.e. Homeopathy, is begin to be awful able in alive and eliminating a ache such as cancer, or abandoning the ancillary furnishings of AIDS, a stroke, or Cystic Fibrosis, to name a few, the FDA commonly states there is no accurate affirmation to abutment the claims moves apace to arraign to the fullest admeasurement of the law.

We accept to abide to strengthen the apprenticeship of the accessible on complete fundamentals of bloom maintenance.

We accept to acquiesce for admission and advantage to all branches of the Healing Arts. This is accustomed as the ECLECTIC. The allopathic bunch are not the arbiters of truth, nor accept they accurate to be atonement stewards, nor accept they provided applicable solutions breadth added forms of healing arts accept been successful, in some cases bags of years.


The botheration is that over the able 67 years, a Federal Agency, the Aliment and Biologic Administration, created in 1938 as an bureau to ensure that Food, Drugs and Cosmetics affective in avenue commerce, were pure, unadulterated, absolute what was declared on the characterization and safe for animal consumption.

Over the years the FDA has undergone a alteration and has become a blackmail to the civilian liberties and accessible bloom of Americans, as able-bodied as added abundantly to the bulk of the articles it regulates.

The FDA has a connected history of application the assets of the bureau to conduct Gestapo blazon raids on medical clinics, anarchic patients, agents and practitioners, abduction quantities of vitamins, manuals and controllable accustomed products, issues in fact inaccurate, indeed, advisedly deceitful publicity releases abuse practitioners, comestible articles and avant-garde drugs and has so far ancient from the purposes for which it was created as to become a annoyance to both the public’s bloom and their civilian liberties.

Under 80 or added years of Allopathic domination, the connected American bloom affliction arrangement is clumsy to:

(1)Control the improvement of Tuberculosis in the country;

(2)Control the ascent bulk of Blight deaths;

(3)Control the ascent bulk of coronary avenue deaths;

(4)Lower the baby bloodshed rate;

(5)Find an able cure for AIDS.

There are accessible answers to all these deficiencies, but none of them are accustomed in Allopathic Doctrine.

The catechism presented is, if there is any acknowledged ascendancy over this all-inclusive bureau and any way citizens can yield acknowledged activity to could could cause the bureau to be brought beneath ascendancy and be affected to comport itself in accordance with the absorbed of Assembly in creating it, and the added catechism of whether or not citizens who accept been addled by its Ultra Vires activities may sue for amercement or added relief.

If such acknowledged activity is possible, is such acknowledged activity the best, or the sole bureau which can or should be alive to accompany the bureau beneath control.

A added catechism may be what or who is amenable for the bureau accepting out of ascendancy and what, if anything, can be done to ensure that the bureau does not get out of ascendancy in the approaching and already afresh become a annoyance to society.


The bureau in question, the Aliment and Biologic Administration, is an out of ascendancy bureaucracy, adventure to accomplish some able authoritative functions but devoting abounding of its assets to adulterous functions not absolute in its enabling legislation and not permissible beneath the constitution.

The bureau [which was] directed by Commissioner David Kessler, M.D, JD, who affected the position afterwards the activated abandonment of Joe Young, PhD, has done little to change its behavior except put on a beginning face from time to time.

An analysis appear boundless bribery with abounding officials, demography ample bribes, not to acknowledgment every affiliate of Assembly who are heavily lobbied by industries it was declared to regulate, and the absolute bureau was beaten and ineffective.

The bureau has aboveboard and awfully formed “partnership” with clandestine barter associations and appropriate absorption groups for the purpose of acceptable and abetting non-price predation in the bloom affliction market.

The bureau has allowable administration over some Foods, Drugs and medical accessories which are in avenue business and has no administration over the convenance of anesthetic or added healing professions.

Despite this rather bright distinction, the bureau afresh attempts to baffle with bloom affliction practitioners by bureau of its administration admiral and by communication with accompaniment authoritative agencies, and by administering Gestapo blazon raids on the offices and clinics of bloom affliction practitioners who convenance in Schools of Convenance added than the Allopathic Academy and by attempting to abolish the use of techniques of healing and of articles for use in bloom affliction which are not aural its authoritative jurisdiction.



This affirmation is built-in of advised abolishment of bloom technologies which are non-toxic, able and inexpensive; to name alone a few in analytical areas, these include:


EDTA Chelation – Adrenal Cortical Extract


Oxidative Therapies / Hyperbaric Chamber / Ozone

EDTA Chelation

Human Growth Hormone


IAT, Laetrile, L-Arginine, Black & Yellow Salves, Gerson Therapy, 714-X, Homeotherapeutics, Krebiozen, Essiac, Immunostim, anti-neoplastin, Hoxey, Glixoxide, Revicci Therapies and abounding others, too abundant to acknowledgment here.


California (most active)

Department of Customer Affairs

State Board of Anesthetic

State Board of Dental examiners

State Board of Osteopathic Examiners

State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Acupuncture Committee

Food and Biologic Branch

Attorney General’s Appointment

San Diego City Attorney’s Office

Other States (Generic)

State Board of Medical Examiners

State Board of Dental Examiners

Attorney General’s Office

Private Organizations Complex

Pharmaceutical Advertising Council

National Council Adjoin Bloom Fraud (and affiliated organizations)

National Federation of Accompaniment Boards of Medical Examiners

Administrative Agencies

NCI – Civic Blight Institute

CDC – Centers for Ache Ascendancy

FDA – Aliment and Biologic Administering

NIH – Civic Institutes of Health

Private Organizations

American Heart Affiliation

American Blight Affiliation

Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute

Mayo Clinic

American Academy of Allergy

Roswell, et al

In HEALTH UNITED STATES, an anniversary advertisement by the federal government, our civic afterlife bulk from blight is about 2,500,000 humans per year and the bulk is rising. Assuming a bulk of $80,000 to $160,000 per being over the endure 20 years, that bulk represents $200,000,000 to $370,000,000 per year and 50,000,000 lives, or $4 TRILLION to $7.5 TRILLION dollars funneled from our aggregate abridgement into the easily of the medical biologic cartel. Is it any wonder, then, why we cannot acquisition a cure?

In accession One of the aboriginal targeted, the FDA, or “Big Medicine,” aback the aboriginal 1900’s, in this country was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. His able evolutionary microscope, able of ballyhoo blight beef and bacilli with radio abundance vibrations, was destroyed and his books austere by federal authorities and he was imprisoned.

Some added alive antecedents include, but are in fact not bound to: The healing arts of Ethno botany, Naturopathy Chiropractic and Acupuncture and Chelation, which all met acute attrition and agitated activity by federally adequate orthodoxy.

Dietmar Schildwaechter, Ph.D., MD, was invaded in his home appointment in a alive appearance by accompaniment and federal authorities in the backward 1980’s for introducing a cure for squamous corpuscle cancer, which was accurate in a 20-year abstraction in Germany.

Andrew Ivy, MD, a colonnade of the A.M.A., who came aback from Germany afterwards accommodating as a panelist in the Nuremberg war abomination trials with a cure for blight alleged Krebiozen, had his career shattered.

Bruce Halstead, MD;

Warren Levin, MD;

Vincent Speckhart, MD;

Royal Raymond Rife, MD

Wilhelm Reich, MD;

Jossef Issels, MD; and Max Gerson, MD;

Joseph Gold, MD,

Emmanuel Revici, MD;

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD;

James Privitera, MD;

Ed McCabe, columnist of Oxygen Therapies, confined for 547 days; a best affairs author.

Hulda Clark, ND;

There too abounding added which are not listed here. These able antecedents brought abatement to a adversity altruism and were atrociously attacked by medical authorities and accurate dogma. Each paid a top bulk but acclaimed themselves by their adventuresomeness and resolves to angle up for their convictions, even in the face of cutting opposition, accident of approval and jail. For a afterpiece attending at the close workings, read: THE CANCER INDUSTRY: the Archetypal Expose ‘on the Blight Establishment, by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

The FDA consistently approves dangerous, generally baleful pharmaceuticals. The ancillary furnishings of these potentially deadly, or abuse causing biologic drugs can alone be in fact apparent by wide-spread use. This is admitting the boilerplate $250-500,000,000 and 15 years to accompany these drugs to market, including appearance balloon tests, aggravating to prove the ambiguous “efficacy” claim of the F.D. &C. Act.

Typically, afterwards one of their awful publicized “wonder” drugs fails, causes afterlife or austere ancillary effects, no FDA official nor PAC affiliate aggregation president, analysis assistant, accumulated official, aggregation doctor, nor testing lab will be subjected to raid, investigation, allegation or bastille term.

To the agony and adversity to the patients and their families and the advantageous plan force, it comes with a ample bulk tag.

Both Gaston Naessens and Dietmar Schildwaechter, Ph.D., MD, spent the endure 40 years perfecting absolute claret tests, which are able to pre analyze any blazon of blight and allowed disorders up to two years above-mentioned to their onset, with a 1% allowance of error. The automated boilerplate false/negative arrangement charcoal acutely top by comparison, yet these new tests are abandoned or met with resistance.


The Eclectic Convenance of Medicine*

In 1906, Dr. Rolla Thomas in fact revised the 1866 teaching chiral by John Milton Scudder, and revised it yet afresh in 1907. This was the acme of a thirty-year aberration of appear adroitness at the Eclectic Medical Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was the capital teaching argument at that academy until the1930s…the academy bankrupt in 1939.

“…it were bigger for the doctor if he can overlook that his accommodating has typhoid fever, pneumonia, dysentery, or whatever he may have, and abstraction the altitude that are present. This may be wrongs of the circulation, of the afraid system, of the secretions, of digestion, of assimilation, or wrongs of the blood, but whatever the basal lesion, it accept to be affected if the accommodating is to be benefited by medication.”


The bloom affliction industry during the Progressive Era is able-bodied accurate in bookish studies and can analytic be accustomed as a accustomed actuality after anecdotic in abundant detail how or why it occurred. However, it was adjourned abundantly by the Rockefeller and Carnegie fortunes and was done to agreement a ascendant abode in bloom affliction for the articles of the petrochemical industry.

The Allopathic Academy of Medical Convenance was best to become the ascendant survivor of the monopolization because it was:

(1) Numerically the largest,

(2) Had no able-bodied accustomed arrangement of doctrines which fabricated it afraid to the use of a arrangement of analysis based on petrochemical therapeutics,

(3) Was represented by a adequately able-bodied organized and alive Barter Affiliation which was acceptant to a yield over by the funders,

(4) Urgently bare a ample beverage of banknote and political access to stop the growing accessible accepting of its bread-and-butter rivals and competitors,

(5) Had little to activity its associates after such an beverage of banknote and political influence,

(6) Were headed by a agents which accustomed any advice – motivated by in fact no celebrity and about absolutely by avarice, the agents of the AMA was simple to admit in the monopolization and accepted acutely able – decidedly Morris Fishbein, whose role was cardinal and whose account spanned several decades of the monopolization.

One of the arch monopolization strategies was through yield over of medical apprenticeship and the schools or universities which offered this. There were several hundred which offered a two year advance in Allopathic Anesthetic and accustomed the M.D. degree, which was the sole credential all-important for convenance at that time.

Competitive medical universities operated by Homeopathic and Eclectic interests were fewer, but at atomic 75 existed – some able-bodied accustomed and endowed.

The monopolist could accept called any of these; they were all simple targets, but the Allopathic Academy of Convenance had a abandoned in its ameliorative arrangement which fabricated it ideal for the monopolist and the Homeopathic and Eclectic Schools had ameliorative systems which offered little allowance for the

incorporation of petrochemical technology.

Many Americans, at atomic those who could allow to do so, went away for their medical education, initially to England or Scotland but eventually to Germany breadth Accompaniment accurate Universities had bigger accessories and adopted acceptance who could and would pay charge to augment the salaries of the adroitness were accustomed to the admeasurement that lectures were offered in English as able-bodied as German to facilitate and board these adopted scholars.

To a man, the antecedent adroitness of John’s Hopkins, the aboriginal of the Medical Universities to be accustomed and adjourned by the monopolists were graduates of German Universities and brought to the University both the medical and the political orientations acquired as acceptance at German universities, which they anesthetized on to the acceptance of John’s Hopkins, a lot of of whom went out to become the commonsense of added American medical colleges and added absorb both the medical and the political orientations of German universities into the graduates of American Medical Universities adjourned by the monopolists. Those orientations abide a allotment of Allopathic anesthetic in the United States today.

This is primarily important in because the role of the Allopathic Academy in genocidal activity, which the German medical profession entered into after beef amid 1934 and 1945 beneath the Civic Socialist Regime in Germany.

Federal ascendancy started in ardent about 1938 with the Authentic Food, Biologic and Cosmetic Act and this became what it is today in 1962 with the Kefauffer Amendments to that Act, which amendments included for the aboriginal time, an ability claim which gave the FDA far added ability to ascendancy both drugs and advice about drugs.

The Federal Act was not advised to accord the bureau any ascendancy over the convenance of anesthetic or added bloom affliction professions and both its accent and abounding decisions of Federal Courts accomplish that clear. Nevertheless, the bureau has fabricated and continues to accomplish accretion excursions into attempts to ascendancy the convenance of medicine.

Since 1910, a aggregate of some practitioners and some manufacturers of appurtenances complex in this bazaar has attempted to attain a bunch in the bazaar to the exclusion of changeable bread-and-butter competitors.

Some of the appurtenances in this market, decidedly those consisting of constructed petrochemical pharmaceuticals, are preferentially acclimated by the practitioners complex in the monopolization to the basic exclusion of added goods.

However, a ample bulk of the appurtenances complex may be purchased and acclimated by consumers after the advocacy or approval of bloom affliction practitioners and the customer is chargeless to argue such practitioners or not as he or she sees fit, in a lot of circumstances.

Licensure of bloom affliction practitioners is a activity of Accompaniment governments, all of which accept a arrangement of assay and licensure of some bloom affliction practitioners. There is some aberration from accompaniment to accompaniment in which practitioners are accountant and which are not licensed.

There is accepted licensure of physicians and surgeons, osteopathic physicians and surgeons, dentists, chiropractic physicians and there is ample aberration as to the licensure of naturopathic physicians and Oriental medical practitioners (acupuncturists) on a accompaniment by accompaniment basis.

Despite the accompaniment by accompaniment variation, all of these practitioners convenance in a about compatible appearance all accept barter associations and specialty societies which are civic in ambit and all accept adequately connected training.

Licensure for physicians and surgeons was initially amorphous about 1890 on a accompaniment by accompaniment base at the account of the American Medical Association, which is the barter affiliation for the Allopathic Academy of Medical Practice.

When the activity was begun, Accompaniment Legislatures about created three abstracted Accompaniment Boards of Medical examiners, to appraise and approval medical practitioners of the Allopathic, Homeopathic and Eclectic Schools of Medical Practice; in abounding states the Osteopathic Academy was aswell accustomed a Board of Examiners.

Initially, the licenses accustomed to these practitioners was to amusement any animal disease, ataxia or activity by drugs, anaplasty or any added bureau and all bodies not so accountant were banned to undertake such activities for compensation.

Shortly thereafter, added bloom affliction practitioners were aswell accustomed licenses which agitated out assertive exceptions to the accepted licensure of physicians, such as Dentists, Podiatrists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists and eventually, Acupuncturists.

The attack for licensure agitated out by the AMA was for the purpose of attaining for its associates an absolute approval to convenance bloom affliction for advantage and to exclude all changeable bread-and-butter competitors from the market.

This was not able as Accompaniment Legislators usually saw fit to approval their bread-and-butter competitors as able-bodied in adjustment to advance antagonism in the Relevant Account Market.

The attack to attain absolute licensure not accepting succeeded, the AMA next attempted to accompany about a alliance amid the aggressive schools of medical practice; that attack is advancing and has succeeded in some states to a degree, although all states abide to approval bloom affliction practitioners who are changeable bread-and-butter competitors to allopathic physicians and accept acutely articulate behavior auspicious antagonism amid altered sorts of bloom affliction providers, set alternating in accompaniment legislation.

The AMA and its basic accompaniment medical societies, nevertheless, connected with bound efforts to absorb bloom affliction and accept been bedevilled of Antitrust violations repeatedly.

The Federal Barter Commission brought an administration activity adjoin the AMA and its basic societies consistent in advice apropos anticompetitive delinquency and after a clandestine administration activity by 4 chiropractors resulted in added abiding injunctions adjoin anticompetitive misconduct.

The after action, Wilk, et al. v. AMA was based aloft a attack conducted by the AMA through its Department of Analysis and Council Adjoin Quackery “to aboriginal accommodate afresh annihilate Chiropractic”.

During the litigation, the Department of Analysis and the Council Adjoin Quackery were agilely disbanded by the AMA and files of these organizations were handed over to a clandestine alignment which, adjourned by the Biologic Advertising Council, continues the anticompetitive campaigns as an apparent clandestine organization, which is in fact an AMA foreground organization. Its anticompetitive activities accept agitated aback the injunctions adjoin the AMA were issued and affirmed.

A ample allotment of the plan of monopolization has been and continues to be the abolishment of advice about bloom affliction providers and modalities which are aggressive with those of AMA members.

The AMA initially formed a sub rosa organization, the “Health Advice Ascendancy Council” which had associates from several authoritative authoritative agencies as members. This was aswell torn up during the Wilk litigation.

As a allotment of the Wilk litigation, the Court captivated that calling a accountant adversary a Quack would aggregate an antitrust offense; aback that time the AMA foreground alignment has commissioned the chat “fraud” for “quack” in its anticompetitive campaigns which more are undertaken with Accompaniment and Federal bureaucrats into whose “hidden agendas” the accomplishment of bunch by the AMA and acclimation of analysis fit acutely well.

During the able 25 years, a lot of of the bunch activity of this AMA foreground alignment has been with bureaucrats and third affair payees, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which are both clandestine insurers and pay agents for authoritative programs such as Medicare.

In these situations, these “insurance companies” do not activity in their acceptable roles as blow insurers, but rather as cost-plus arrangement pay agents and, in this role, their activities neatly interface with both the AMA’s monopolization efforts and the “hidden authoritative agendas” of authoritative agencies.

It is this aggregate of the AMA, acting through a foreground organization, the “insurance” companies who are not insuring but acting as cost-plus arrangement pay agents and the authoritative agencies complex in a “hidden agenda” which in combination, are bringing about and attempting to accompany about the bunch in bloom affliction which the AMA has been affianced in creating aback 1890.

This aggregate has already succeeded in alarmingly abbreviating the superior of appurtenances and casework and astronomically accretion their bulk in the Relevant Account and Appurtenances Market.

This has been able by authoritative activity which is anon adverse of the acutely articulate behavior of the States and has as its purpose both accretion such costs and abbreviating the superior of appurtenances and services, and although it is accompaniment action, it is not such accompaniment activity as is adequate from Antitrust analysis by the Accompaniment Activity Exemption to the Antitrust Laws.



Thoma Szasz, Ph.D.

Books by Harris Coulter

[1994] Empiricism vs. Rationalism in Anesthetic by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.

Childhood Vaccinations and Juvenile-Onset (Type-1) Diabetes by Harris Coulter, Ph.D

Vaccination and Social Violence by Harris Coulter, Ph.D

Vaccination and Agitated Abomination by Harris Coulter, Ph.D

Critique of government adjourned studies–Harris Coulter Ph.D.

SIDS and Seizures by Harris L. Coulter, PhD

Do Vaccines Could could cause Cot Deaths?—Harris L. Coulter (1996)

An Italian Abstraction Finding Biochemical Markers of Vaccine Damage 1996, Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.


1972, Homeopathic Medicine

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1990, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality ISBN 1556430841—Harris Coulter

Medical historian Harris Coulter presents affirmation to appearance that disabilities acquired by vaccines are generally “disguised” beneath altered names: autism, dyslexia, acquirements disability, epilepsy, brainy retardation, hyperactivity & basal academician dysfunction. Up to 25% of American schoolchildren ache from “development disabilities”. A classic.

‘…It is the apriorism of this arresting book that aboriginal vaccinations can aftereffect in balmy cases of sub-clinical encephalitis which, in turn, may able-bodied be amenable — at atomic in allotment — for the access in autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, sociopathy, and adorning disabilities, a acceleration that almost coincides with the admission of baby vaccinations. Coulter suggests added linkages to the access in boyish abomination and suicide, and the abatement in SAT scores.’ Stanley Kripner, AHP, January 1993.

1990, The Controlled Clinical Trial: an Analysis

1994, Divided Legacy (Volume IV): Twentieth-Century Medicine, The Bacteriological Era”

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